Vincent van gogh

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Vincent Van Gogh is lone of the generally famous and celebrated of all artists, with paintings such as 'The Starry Night', 'Café Terrace by Night' and 'Sunflowers' solely a small model of the paintings he is renowned pro right through the planet. Vincent Van Gogh paintings are amongst the highest paid pro paintings sought with by art lovers and art investors alike. 'Wheatfield with Cypresses', 'Portrait of Dr. Gatchet', 'Irises' and 'Self-portrait lacking Beard' be inflicted with brought confirmation prices in the in the dead of night 20th century and his facility art probable to take up again skyrocketing in fee in the already very unavailable 21st century art promote. He is of way furthermore well renowned pro his madness, his bouts of mental illness with the intention of led him to particularly cold rancid his ear and suicide. But was it really suicide or was it murder?

The authors of the newest Dutch-impressionist's biography "Van Gogh: The Life" knew they would stir controversy by disputing the widely-held belief with the intention of the actor committed suicide with a gun while painting in a French wheat meadow. Steven Naifeh and Gregory fair Smith, who Irises Saint Remybe inflicted with previously won a Pulitzer prize pro their biography of American actor Jackson Pollock spent ten years researching their tome and projected the extra theory, with the intention of Van Gogh was shot not be himself, but by community bullies who were a constant curse in forefront Gogh's already beleaguered life.

Naifeh and Smith uncovered approximately evidence with the intention of top inconclusively, they acknowledge in the direction of manslaughter.

Their initially cut of evidence is a candid and self incriminating interview with respectable supporter banker Rene Secretan agreed in 1956. Inside the interview he recalled in splendid point how he and his brother had beleaguered the artists all through their teenage years in the Auvers. Equally the target of harassment pro much of his life, the red-headed visual artist - who suffered from frontal lobe epilepsy - was to suffer it as the fee pro having approximately friendship.

Their following evidence is based on rumours heard by the in the dead of night art historian John Rewald in the 1930s from townspeople in Auvers old sufficient to remember with the intention of Vincent Van Gogh had accidentally been shot by two childish boys.

Their third cut of evidence is a drawing by Vincent everywhere he depicts a boy in a cowboy hat withStarry night over the rhone the intention of the authors suspect is Rene Secretan who attended the Paris World rational in 1890 everywhere Buffalo law Cody's Wild West trade show from America was a lofty secure. They theorized with the intention of the childish Rene duly infatuated with cowboys and guns on loan a handgun from community innkeeper Arthur Ravoux to spurt birds and small animals, and with the intention of this was the stick with the intention of killed Vincent forefront Gogh. It must be prominent with the intention of all through the 1956 interview Rene Secretan mentioned nothing in this area one shooting.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which collaborated with the authors, was quoted as regarding the author's theory as "interesting" and "spectacular" but has not yet dismissed the long-held suicide theory.

Inside one justification, the mystery of Vincent Van Gogh's death has begun.
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