Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order

  • Do I need make full payment while placing orders?

  • Do you accept urgent order ? And if there any additional cost?

  • I only know the author name and painting name, while no high resolution image ,what will happen?

  • Photo approval before despatch

  • how you handle our privacy like address, phone No. etc?

  • How about the wholesale price?

  • What is terms to be a wholesaler?

  • With different billing address and delivery address, Can i have a gift card?

  • I am out of USA and there is no"state" here , how should i handle on this section of the address?

  • framed painting(s) means ready to hang, right?

  • May i order in bulk, is there a limitation?


  • How you despatch? and how long, usually?

  • Freight for the framed paintings?

  • How long would it take for the delivery of framed oil paintings

  • How you handle the compensation in case any damage during transportation

  • How do you pack and despatch the framed paintings?

The Art

  • What kind of canvas would be adopted ?

  • Performance time for commissioned portrait painting ?

  • In case any defect with the painting, while i like the rest part of the painting ,may i require an improvement?

  • May i see some of your samples

  • Definition of custom oil paintings

  • How about the price of custom oil paintings?

  • If i want the back ground from one picture, and the figures from another picture, is it possible?

  • How long to wait since order confirmed?

  • What is the guarantee?

  • Where these paintings from, who made them?

  • Do you supply framed paintings?

  • How your paintings been Painted


  • If i not satisfied with the final result, what will happen ?

  • About the payment method:

  • What is your return policy?

  • Can the billing address be different from the delivery address?

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